The Torrino dei Gelsi Farm and Resort

The Imperial Aqueducts

The aqueducts were built during the Imperial Age – thus their denomination – and served to bring water to the city of Rome.

In the area around Torrino dei Gelsi there are the vestiges of some of the most important imperial aqueducts, namely the Anio Vetus, the Anio Novus, the Acqua Marcia, the Acqua Claudia. As a consequence of which the Romans created a military garrison to protect these water conduits, which were of vital importance for Rome.

The ancient Roman road of Selciatella crosses Valle della Mola, a valley featuring two old watermills and leads to the imposing arches of the Anio Vetus.

The aqueduct was built between 272 and 269 BC to carry water of river Aniene from Tivoli to Roma. 43 Roman miles long (approximately 63.5 km), of which 42 miles underground, the aqueduct reached the very heart of ancient Rome at Porta Maggiore. It is trongly suggested to visit these aqueducts by foot, mountain bike or horse back.