The Torrino dei Gelsi Farm and Resort

Torrino dei Gelsi Farm and Resort

A farm tower dating back to the early part of the 12 th century, an age-old silkworm cultivation, a farming business founded towards the end of the 19 th century by Cesare Manni and currently operated by his gradson Livio Terilli - a farm specialising in the production of extra virgin olive oil since 1900.

The Torrino dei Gelsi farm spreads over 10 hectares of olive trees located in an area, known as the Terre Tiburtine, that has been earmarked to receive the protected designation of origin (DOP) status. The farm produces fine extra virgin oil from various qualities of olives, namely cultivar leccino , frantoio , rosciola , rotonda and itrana.

A small portion of the land is reserved for the production of table olives.

In the first half of the 18 th century, silk cultivation was a mainstay at the farm as testified by the rural edifices spread across the property where silkworms were grown and by the presence of age-old jasmine trees that continue, to this very day, to be a feature of the farm, giving it its current name.