The Torrino dei Gelsi Farm and Resort

The surrounding land

Agriturismo Il Torrino dei Gelsi is located on Colle Faustiniano, in the heart of the campagna romana , in an area rich in history, archaeological vestiges and magnificent oak and chestnut woods.

The place was originally inhabited by the Efuli who founded the ancient city of Aefula , which was initially vanquished by the Romans before being destroyed by Hannibal during his march to Rome.

On Colle Faustiniano, the hill get its name from empress Faustina, wife of emperor Antonino Pio, there are traces of underground passages, tombs and villas dating back to Roman times and of the even older aqueducts going back to the Imperial Era, such as the Anio Vetus and Anio Novus conduits.


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