The Torrino dei Gelsi Farm and Resort

The walks

Trekking in the Aniene valley may lead to serendipitous discoveries. The agriturismo is located deep in the maquis or macchia, the shrub land biome of the Mediterranean region, and with a little luck you can come across some of the habitat's typical fauna, such as the wild boar, the weasel, the fox, the beech-marten, the hare, the porcupine, the badger.

Avian species are present in a wide variety, and include the owl, the windhover, the barn owl, the hoopoe. Summer evenings are alight with fireflies, an insect close to extinction. As for the flora, it is possible to admire at an altitude of above 800 metres the blackthorn, the myrtle, the heather, the may-blossom, the dog rose. Close to the farm you can find beech, durmast, elders, turkey oak, elm, birch, crab apple, wild pear.

The area around the Mentorella features birch, oak and chestnut woods. The area's paramount cultivation is, of course, olives and vines - a cultivation that covers practically the entire expanse of the Aniene valley.